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Exclusive & Certified Microcurrent Myopulse Center
& Exclusive DeadSea Salt Direct Provider.

Aglow Bella has been recognized and endorsed by Inventor Ray Baker as the #1 Wellness Center in the State of Minnesota. All of our equipment has been upgraded to the latest technology in Microcurrent. Giving you the most advanced technology that will get you better results. Growing older is inevitable. Looking older is optional.

Not all Microcurrent technology is equal. I challenge you! When you Google or Utube Microcurrent the only machine you will see in those News clips is the machine you see below. The Model 900.Ray Baker is the inventor who has set the standard

Ray Baker Inventor inconjuction with NASA and the Raytheon Scientists technology has created this “patented” waveform and microcurrent-infused conduction gel. The only place where you can get the best to look your best is here at Aglow Bella

          We offer a multitude of wellness series that include:

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